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Grow Your Own

Make this year the year that you grow your own with help from us all at Ryan’s.

With a range of both flower and veg seeds from Mr fothergills you have a big range to choose from. If you are a first timer or unsure then ask a member of staff for advice on what to grow to adapt to your space and lifestyle.

When summer is over, don’t despair, start planting bulbs for the following spring with a range of spring flowering bulbs. When spring comes around you may have forgotten what you planted and get a lovely surprise!

Then when spring comes around you can

Garden Chemicals

The array of garden chemicals on the market can be overwhelming, with literally hundreds of products to choose from.

Here at Ryan’s with our comprehensive product range and knowledge we will give you the right chemical for the job.

Weedkillers to fertilisers, path cleaners to plant tonics, you’ll find it here at Ryan’s.

Tools & Equipment

Why not pop in and see our stock of garden tools. We have a range to suit all budgets From a DIY range to trade quality we stock a wide variety.

From first timers to children, tradesmen to seasoned gardened we have the lot.

We stock a variety of brands including Bosch, Black & Decker and Draper, as well as cheaper own brands such as Supa and Ambassador.

Spades and forks, hand tools and pruning equipment. From small items such as hand trowels to mulchers, mowers and hedge cutters, we really are ahead of the game when it comes to our gardening range.


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