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Decorating Department

Decorating Department

We have a well stocked decorating department with products available at very competitive prices locally.

Our store containing the following decor ranges:

DIY Paints - a range of Johnstone’s coloured emulsion, plus standard and special surface whites

Specialist Paints -Hammerite metal paints including spraypaints, Rustins small job and special surfaces (ie high heat, chalkboard)

Brushes & Rollers - a big variety of LG Harris products (including replacement rollers

Adhesives - Unibond tapes and a range of glues

Sealants - Geocel quality sealants plus bathroom sealants

Caulks - Polyfilla, Unibond & Evostik

Abrasives - A range of sandpapers for all surfaces

Decorating Tools - preparation, application and restoration tools for your decorating job

Mouldings - Plane timber mouldings and some timber products

Visit us today to see what we have to offer!


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